I struggle with focus. I have the hardest time doing one thing at a time. Even while I’m writing this I’m watching some show called ‘Chasing Hope’ on Netflix. Netflix, the great time murderer.

I was diagnosed at a young age with ADHD and spent a lot of my younger years on Ritalin. That really messed with me, but I always try to downplay the use of medication now.  I don’t like taking serious medicines for anything if I can help it, including focus-enhancing medication.

I lack focus because a lot of times I have a hard time being self disciplined. I’m not great at keeping myself on task, but I’ve definitely been better in recent years. I think the threat of getting too old makes me want to do more stuff with my life. I have ideas for days, but execution is always difficult.

Really that just comes up as ‘This person just needs to buckle down a bit.’ but how do you make yourself do that? There’s no cheat codes to turning that ability on unfortunately. I suppose I’m beating my head against a wall there. I should try to read a book on ‘How to Focus More’.

This came up from a quick google search.

I get so caught up in default behaviors I’ve developed from my years of work that I can’t help but make that hyperlink open up in a new tab. haha.

Bottom line: I’m going to read that article and put some of that stuff into use. Well, all of it in theory. We’ll see 😀

– Avery